Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain with this 1 minute daily routine

We are real people with real struggles, stress and work. We work hard, hunched over a desk or hauling loads onto our backs, but we tend to carry more on our shoulders than we realise: we carry worlds. We carry our children while they knit their sticky fingers in our hair, we carry containers of spring water so that our dams won’t run dry too soon, and sometimes it’s difficult to puff our chests out with confidence, because responsibilities and psychological stress has fabricated in our shoulders and neck, tightening muscles and causing tension headaches.

Luckily, when given the right tools and knowledge, these side-effects of living can easily be softened. This easy 1 minute routine will relieve even stubborn neck and shoulder pain.


MYYO is a pain-relief therapy that works with the trigger points in the muscles and incorporates daily stretches to relieve pain long term without causing additional pain.

The Trigger Points

1. Tuck in your chin and feel for where the back of your neck fits into the base of your skull. Press into the muscles, right there, on either side of the cervical spine (never press onto the spine!).  Now look up and hold the points for 5 seconds. You should be feeling a slight burning sensation – that’s a trigger point. Slowly release and massage out.

2. About 3 fingers below the first points, in the middle of the length of your neck, press in and hold for 5 seconds. Again, this should feel like a slight burning sensation, though not too painful. Release and massage out.

3. Measure two finger widths down from where your neck meets your body. Press in and hold for 7 seconds. Remember to breathe deeply – don’t hold your breath. Release and massage out.

4. Move your fingers on top of your shoulders. There are two bones that come together at the end of your shoulders: your collarbones and  scapulae. Press your fingers in between these bones, finding the trigger points in the muscle nestling there. Hold them for 7 seconds and release. There may be trigger points all along this mid-bone gap, so feel around for them and release them by holding the points for 7 seconds.

The Stretches

1. Roll out your shoulders first, just loosening them up a little.

2. Tuck in your chin and apply gentle pressure to the back of your head with your hands, stretching the back of the neck. Remove your hands and slowly move your chin up, looking towards the ceiling, stretching your throat area.

3. Tuck in your chin again, interlace your fingers and fit your hands snug in the back of your neck, tucked in under your skull. Slowly look up as far as possible. Take a few deep breaths and stretch the back of your neck like before in stretch #2.

4. Fit in one elbow into the other, lift your elbows up as far as possible and pull them away from your shoulders. Take two deep, slow breaths and slowly lower your arms. Do the same with the other elbow on top and then roll out your shoulders. You’ll feel a slight tightness in your chest, so interlace your fingers behind your back, lock your elbows and lift your hands as far as you can, squeezing the shoulder-blades together and opening in the chest and throat.

Did that help?

Doing this daily for at least 3 days will already relief most of the tension in your shoulders and neck.

If you liked this and/or need more help, MYYO starts with realigning the skeleton and spine for effective long-term relief, please contact me here so that we can discuss what plan of action will be best for you.


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