As a Mediterranean-themed, boutique health spa in Strand, Hygieia specialises in holistic health to help you escape and recharge while attaining health and vitality through personalised care: therapeutic massages, signature body treatments, multi-functional facials, detox nutrition and herbal medicine.

Principles we hold dear…

Health = Beauty
Beauty without health will wither faster and someone in perfect health is always beautiful. We can paint our faces and our nails, but our skin underneath will still cry for attention, and our bodies will still crave minerals and vitamins of which shortages our nails and hair betray. We are told that heaps of meat and starch is healthy, and that diabetes, loss of hearing and sight, heart palpitations and deteriorating joints are all signs of ageing. Has disease become “normal”? Health is more than the absence of illness. It is a joyful harmony in every aspect of our lives and the ability to learn and bounce back from adversity. Our appearance give us clues to our inner wellbeing. It is up to us to listen to them and become all that we can be. True beauty is more personal than chasing the latest trends and squeezing ourselves into pre-designed packages. It is a certain grace that is acquired by putting ourselves and our health first.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health 
Some people have strong genes and strong organs that keep them healthy, and some don’t. With a few basic guidelines, you can take control of your health that will allow you to actualise your most longed-for dreams.

Lifestyle as Preventative Medicine
At Hygieia, we support a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that dips its toes into nutrition, exercise, personal care and hygiene, self-awareness, life satisfaction, relation, breath and thought. We relate to life in all these areas, but in our own unique ways that must be observed, acknowledged and considered when developing a treatment and stress-recovery plan just for you.

Sensible Minimalist Hedonism,
A hedonism that is not too much and never too little. Sometimes we are made to believe that spending time, energy and resources on ourselves is selfish. In reality, the opposite is true. We crave love, care and nourishment not only because we are naturally worth it, but because a little bit of the right pampering is necessary for our innate joyfulness. We are so busy trying to pour from empty cups that we cannot see the inevitable demise that lies ahead if we continue on this draining path. Just as a plant must be nourished and watered to blossom and bear delicious fruits, so we must fill our cups with the things that recharge us, make us feel safe and allow us to fall in love with life and, most importantly, ourselves. We take care of our cars so that they can take us where we need to go, so what keeps us from giving ourselves the nourishment we need to thrive? Smiling randomly at the fullness in your heart isn’t something to be embarrassed about. You’re worth it. The people you love are worth your being fully nourished, because when we feel wonderful, we can give more – in our careers, relationships, our passions, every aspect of our lives that we can imagine.


Meet the Team

massage therapist, nutritionist, herbalist, skincare junkie & founder

What does personal care mean to you? Some of us take forever to learn the beautiful art of romancing ourselves; of falling in love and repairing the relationship with the one person who will always be there for us and everyone we love. Just like every relationship, this one thrives on daily attention through self-care routines, and the rewards are life-altering: unstoppable self-confidence, unparalleled enjoyment of life, and the starting or turning point of all healing journeys.

What made you decide to take on this career path? When I was younger, I was stuck in my own little world. But soon I realised that everyone else was struggling with very much the same things I was wrestling with: insecurities, pain, health issues, lack of vibrancy in their lives, existential confusion, loneliness, and so on. What would make me feel better when I’m at my worst? It turned out to be the exact things we are often “too busy” to give to each other. A patient ear, a loving hand, a gaze that shines unconditional love and acceptance: a space of recuperation, where we can learn to love ourselves and find the strength to turn our dreams into reality. That’s my mission with Hygieia spa and this blog: to create a safe space for people to fall in love with life again.

What do you want clients to know before they book with you? This is a no-shame zone. If you grow your pelt in the winter, or if you have some flab, stretchmarks, acne scars and bumps… Come as you are. We are all human and we love that, at Hygieia, we can all leave our insecurities at the door and relax, knowing that being fully ourselves as we are in that moment, is enough.

massage therapist, aromatherapy expert, artist & photographer

What does personal care mean to you? I truly believe that the art of self-care is vital to us as human beings. Being the busy bodies that we are, we often neglect ourselves and prioritise other aspects of our life first. Taking some time to look after yourself is so important! I believe once you feel revitalised and in tune with your body it will create a ripple effect to the other areas of your life as well.

What made you decide to take on this career path? About a year and a half ago, I have been reading a lot of articles about changing ones lifestyle and habits for the better and since then I have been fascinated to find out more! I stumbled on essential oils and their therapeutic properties and was intrigued. That is how I fell in love with this chosen career path. I realised I want to help people understand the amazing benefits therapeutic massage and holistic treatments have on your daily life.

What do you want clients to know before they book with you? Clients need to know that I will intensively listen to their needs and I will try my very best to help them. At Hygieia we not only strive to provide an experience but also an escape for clients where they can be themselves!

spa guinea-pig, Ancient Cultures buff, muse & content creator

Christine is our service muse and content creator. She tests all new services and weaves poetry from brusque bullet-point lists.