How it all started…

Hi, I’m Angélique!

18199407_405783509805985_5308143128095178046_nAs a certified cosmetic science, health and holistic beauty nerd, founder and CEO of Authenticité Health Spa, and the author of this blog, my goal is to simplify health and beauty in a way that you can put into immediate practice the proven secrets world-wide cultures use and have used to attain buttery smooth, flawless skin, wholesome radiance in every facet of beauty, and unparalleled, electric health & vitality.

I don’t believe in treating only the symptoms of a disease and then labelling it incurable. Instead, I show you how to identify, uproot and heal the root cause so that the symptoms naturally dissolve on their own.

I give 98% of my material away for free to help you take back your power and heal your skin naturally. I show you the 5-10 key things to focus on and master so that you can get on with your life. I don’t make radical claims based on singular experiences or hypes, but compare all the influencing factors and scientific studies to give you the ultimate solution that is practical and that actually yields the best and quickest results

Like you, I’ve struggled with my skin for years. From acne to trans-epidermal water-loss (insanely dehydrated skin that just cannot hold onto its water), my skin has always been hypersensitive to every subtle factor I would not have noticed otherwise: diet, exposure to pollution, stress levels, and even the minute changes in the inner workings of my body as a whole. All of this showed up in my skin At first I just wanted skin as smooth, bouncy and even-toned as a hard-boiled egg, but soon realised that all these signs were my body’s way of asking for help.

When I listened, something amazing happened.

My skin healed itself.

Chronic indigestion, bloating, pain and inflammation dissolved. I am no longer anaemic and my iron-levels are perfectly normal. My hair gained a lustre it never had before and my nails strengthened, the grooves in them disappearing on their own (without using a nail file or buff). Breathing became easier and I stopped having panic attacks. My hormones stabilised, depression softened and PMS symptoms vanished. My muscles and bone density improved. For the first time, for as long as I can remember, I have the energy to live life the way I’ve only dreamed of!

After years of quietly observing my beautiful friends from the side-lines, unable to shake the shame of acne, low self-esteem and lack of energy, I now finally understand the beauty and joys life, when fully lived, has to offer.

Today, I am so grateful that I never opted for conventional acne cures and decided to listen to my skin instead! Doing so gave me so much more than a pill or prescription cream ever could.

I give 98% of my material away for free and my goal is to give you your power back by providing you with…

  • tons of practical advice
  • recipes that address the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptom
  • product recommendations proven to work for even the most sensitive of skin types
  • the science behind why some things work and others don’t, simply and thoroughly explained
  • hands-on support: I read every email and comment to offer you curated solutions