Snails & The Bees facial

1hr ⚪ R650
Coming soon…

Skin types: Sensitive, dehydrated, acne-prone, blackhead-prone, uneven skin tone.

Discover the beautifying properties of honey, fermented skincare and snail gel. Cosrx, a cruelty-free South Korean skincare brand, combines time-tested remedies with innovative science in pH-balancing and intensely hydrating formulas to set a new cosmetic standard. Our Snails & The Bees facial makes use of a 13+ step Korean skincare routine with pore-minimising methods (extractions, BHA, clay and enzymes), deeply hydrating humectants (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, honey and snail gel), anti-inflammatory brightening skin-nutrition (bee propolis, niacinimide and galactomyces ferments), and coloured LED & low frequency therapy to re-balance sensitive and acne-prone skin. Clear as porcelain, soft as a hard-boiled egg, plump and bouncy, dewy skin awaits you.

Skoon Skin Sips facial

1hr ⚪ R650
Coming soon…
Skin types: Dry, mature/wrinkled, sensitive, dull; non-toxic cruelty-free skincare.

Are you in search of some skincare enlightenment? Enjoy an educational herbology-based facial, featuring enzymes, clays, ferments, antioxidants, and the hydrating super-powers hyaluronic acid, phytosqualene and vitamin E for renewed, soft and dewy skin. This facial includes red LED light therapy to rejuvenate your skin on a deeper level for that fresh glow. You will learn how to make your own skincare at home with raw ingredients you can find in your local health store as well as get to know all the DIY don’ts that can ruin your skin.

Beard Facial

1hr ⚪ R460
Coming soon…
Skin types: All Skin & Beard Types; especially dull skin & dry and textured facial hair.

Golki Glow Massage

2hrs ⚪ R600
Skin types: Ideal for slimming down unwanted face fat; suitable for any skin type except for heavily inflamed skin.

Golki massage is a vigorous and thorough Korean massage of which 70% consists of treating the causes that affect facial structure and composition such as stress, the digestive & lymphatic systems, and the muscles in the neck, upper back and over the scalp. 30% of the massage deals with softening knots in facial muscles (particularly in the jaw area), gently massaging the cheeks and gums, relieving tension by using acupressure techniques, and finishing off with a lymphatic facial massage to flush any toxins away from the face for clearer, glowing skin.