Anti-Stress Full Body Massage

1h15 ⚪ R600 | 2h* ⚪ R800
Everyone needs a holiday now and then but the experience can sometimes cause you more stress than is needed. With the Anti-Stress Full Body Massage you will be transported to Provence without the hassle of travel. Let the scents of rosemary, lavender and sweet angelica from the L’Occitane Aromachologie range guide you through lush indigo fields of lavender surrounded by mountains and along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; and come back feeling refreshed and ready for another day.

a 2hr massage is recommended for deep work and stubborn knots as more attention can be spent on areas of concern.

Hero Back & Head Massage

1h ⚪ R400
When life feels like an epic quest and you do not have the strength to face it, treat yourself to the Hero Back & Head Massage. It helps to relieve the tension in your upper body and targets trigger points and knots in your back, shoulders. neck and head. This is ideal for those times when you have to be a hero but you need one yourself.

Invigorating Foot & Leg Massage

1hr ⚪ R270
They are the friends who carry you through life so why not spoil them with a lovely massage? Ideal for sore feet, hamstrings, knees and calves. Whether they carry you over the finish line in a race or keep you upright at work, let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Euphoria Head & Shoulders Massage

1hr ⚪ R270
Sometimes we find ourselves curled up in a tight ball from stress; plagued by headaches and aching muscles. The Euphoria Head & Shoulders Massage is designed to target a stiff neck and shoulders, TMJ and tension headaches; helping you to let go of your cares and sinking away into bliss. For a flawless experience, please remove any makeup before your treatment.

Ultra Rich Moisturising Massage

1h30 ⚪ R800
Although your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is often forgotten when it comes to taking care of yourself. The Ultra Rich Moisturising Massage targets dry skin and scalp. It includes dry brush exfoliation and a holistic creamy shea-butter massage to release stress in the skin and muscle. Your skin will reward you with a healthy glow.

DETOX Massage

2h ⚪ R850
Coming soon…
Our busy lifestyles often lead to the building-up of stress and unwanted toxins in the body. The DETOX Massage will help you cleanse your body by treating you to a full-body detox therapy: dry body brushing, dynamic cupping therapy (it does not leave marks) and lymph-draining massage. Over a cup of medicinal tea, we discuss how you can improve your health and wellness journey through detox nutrition and daily routines.

Customise Your Treatment

⚪ Need a nap? Bring your earphones and doze off to soft rain, waterfalls or crashing waves.